Some natural remedies!

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AARP had an article in their July/August 2010 issue about the benefits of growing herbs for your health! Take a look at it here.

They name peppermint, lemon balm, rosemary, valerian, and sage as 5 easy-to-grow herbs that help your body in a ton of ways! They can settle your stomach, ease muscle cramps, dispel anxiety, improve your mood, increase memory, reduce joint pain, aid in sleep, ease sore throats, and freshen your breath.

Making a tea out of any one of these herbs seems very easy to do: AARP directs readers to “pour one cup boiling water over six leaves (for valerian, use 2 T. chopped root). Steep for five minutes, strain and sip.”

AARP recommends growing these herbs at home, because the fresh leaves are more potent than dried and packaged herbs that come from stores. I, however, would recommend growing them at home for a few other reasons, too!

My mom is turning 50 in October, and last summer she had thought about maybe starting a garden for a hobby. This spring, we began potting plants, and now in our backyard we have a garden of leaf lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, onions, chives, radishes, cucumbers, and peas. Not to mention the thirty-some potted plants hiding around my house. Yesterday, she told me that she finds fulfillment in planting, because ‘you’re nurturing something, and watching it grow. The sense of progress is really enjoyable.’

Her next plan is to start an herb garden, which is easy to do in a sandbox! Think the small plastic kind that neighborhood kids are always playing around in. We found one for really cheap that looks kind of like this one:

If you can’t find one of these, the article gives you directions on how to grow herbs in small pots, as an alternative.

Growing your own herbs will make them more potent, and it will also give you a fulfilling hobby and rejuvenating project that gives you some light exercise, fresh air, and time outside!

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