Caregiver of the year, and a great cause!

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Hey guys! This is taken from Dr. Kathy Johnson’s blog post on July 6th, here.

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2010 International Caregiver of the Year Award, Ms. June “Zoe” Kelly!

Every year at our Home Care Assistance Franchise Convention we select one of our 2,500 caregivers for the International Caregiver of the Year Award. This year, Ms. June Zoe Kelly received the award as a result of her hard work, warmth and sincerity as well as for her success in implementing the Balanced Care Method, a carefully crafted program of lifestyle behaviors centered on moderation and variety, into the everyday lives of her clients. Zoe was hired by the San Diego office in April 2009 and after excellent reviews from her first assignments, she was placed a very difficult situation last July. She was assigned to take care of live-in clients, Dominic and Mary, an elderly couple living in Encinitas. Dominic had rapidly failing health and Mary was suffering from early dementia.  A month after Zoe was assigned to the case, Dominic passed away and Zoe was confronted with assisting a grieving 85 year old widow.

According to Zoe, “Everybody needs a purpose in life,” and she truly lives by her motto. Under Zoe’s care, Mary was able to regain her appetite and maintain health in both her body and mind. She was able to do a lot of activities that she really enjoyed, which kept her happy, active, and feeling accomplished. One of the unique and inspiring projects that Zoe  did with Mary was a charity project called “Knit-a-Square,” which encourages volunteers to knit or crochet 8’’ squares that are shipped to South Africa and made into blankets for AIDS orphans.  Last year Zoe and Mary shipped 20 squares to South Africa and have a new goal for 2010 – to make 105,000 squares!

Zoe’s passion of establishing health, happiness and purpose in the lives of all her clients has shown through her amazing care for Mary. We are so excited to have her as our 2010 International Caregiver of the Year!

I wanted to share that story with everyone – I think it’s amazing that Zoe found a way not only to help Mary get through such a difficult time, but that the two of them also took the time to help out strangers halfway around the world.

I thought that the Knit-A-Square project seemed great, so I looked it up:


Everyone should pitch in! I’m awful at knitting, but I’ll try. If everyone took the time to knit just one square, they could easily meet their goal!

It seems like a great cause, and a great pastime. Help others while having fun yourself!

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